Always call 911 if you see a pet or person in a locked hot car alone, even if you don’t think it’s hot.

Mr. Locksmith Vancouver Wishes Canada a Happy Birthday

Happy 150th Birthday Canada | Mr. Locksmith East Vancouver On Saturday, July 1, 2017, it will be the sesquicentennial of Canada becoming a country, which

The Best Priced Key Code Machine SEC E9?| Mr. Locksmith Training UPDATE: After only less than 10 keys cut in the shop the machine is

Don’t be Scammed: Use Only BC Government Licensed Locksmiths

Mr. Locksmith is a BC Government Licensed Locksmith For further info go to Hi, I’m Terry from Mr. LockSmith. We are a BC government-licensed

Open Sentry Safes in Seconds | Mr. Locksmith Blog. For further info go to Both Electronic Sentry Safes look the same but different serial

Get Spare Car Keys Now with Mr. Locksmith™ Automotive. Call Mr. Locksmith Automotive 604-265-5571 Hi, I’m Terry Whin-Yates from Mr. Locksmith. It’s the holiday season.