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The best safes can protect your valuables against theft, fire and natural disasters. These burglary safes can keep your valuable or irreplaceable documents and valuables safe from any kind of damage and can save you a great deal of financial loss, or heartbreak if pieces of sentimental value are lost. Sometimes it’s much more convenient to have your valuables instantly accessible and yet still secure.

Safes Canada - Mr Locksmith East Vancouver
Safes Canada – Mr Locksmith East Vancouver

Mr Locksmith East Vancouver can offer the first Underwriter Laboratories (UL) listed fire rated burglary safe. It is a unique break-in proof safe which has been thoroughly tested against fire.

  • Composite construction door & body
  • Independent glass re-locking systemFB-1212
  • 3 spoke chrome-plated vault handle
  • 1 hour U.L. 350° fire label
  •  U.L. RSC Burglary Label
  • Center bolt down for ease of installation (hardware included)
  • 11⁄4” chrome plated locking bolts
  • Attractive two tone paint for increased durability
  • U.L. Group II combination (S&G) lock standard

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In Mr. Locksmith East Vancouver we carry and install the following safes:


Burglary and Fire Safes

East Vancouver Burglary Safe
East Vancouver Burglary Safe

Gun Safes

Gun Safe East Vancouver
Gun Safe East Vancouver

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