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Protect Your Business with the Abloy Protec 2

During our daily work at Mr. Locksmith we are very often called to fix locks that were broken into. In this case a business was broken into through the main door. As you can see in the picture the burglars first tried to break in by inserting some kind of a tool between the door and the door frame , when this did not work they ripped off the cylinder and gained access to the business.

The new lock installation is designed to make the door stronger and much harder to defy – We have installed a new deadbolt, internal thumb turn and an Abloy Protec2 mortise cylinder. As you can see, it’s way more difficult to remove the cylinder as it is sunken into the guard. In addition, the Abloy cylinder is tapered to create a slippery surface that a wrench can not hold on to. 

New Abloy Protec 2 Install

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