3 Benefits of Managing your Home Security System on your Mobile Device

Mobile alarm monitoring is an effective way of monitoring your home security system which provides wide variety of benefits, such as: easy access, control lights, locks, and thermostats and energy efficiency.



Below are 3 benefits of managing your home security system on mobile device:

Easy Access
If you’re like most people, you’ve got your smartphone or mobile device with you whenever you leave your house. You won’t need to carry another device or use a computer to access your home security system (unless you want to).

You’ll be able to do the following, anytime, anywhere:

  • Remotely arm or disarm your system
  • Check your security system history
  • Never second guess whether you armed your system Source: Alarmrelay

Control Lights, Locks, and Thermostats
A centralized connection enables smart home equipment to talk to one another, so that it can work smoothly and cohesively together to meet your automation needs. For example, set your lights to automatically turn on when you unlock your front door, or adjust your thermostat to the perfect temperature when you open your garage. With a connected app, the combination possibilities are endless! Simplify your life by decreasing the amount of effort needed to manage your home.Source: Vectorsecurity

Energy Efficiency
Many home automation products, also known as “smart” products, help you manage your home’s energy consumption. For example, automate your thermostat to adjust settings throughout the day based around the times someone is home or the house is empty.
Some “smart” devices can be synced up to your appliances with real-time energy information. This helps your home appliances know the most cost-effective times to operate. For example, your dishwasher may run at 2am because this is the best time for the lowest price. Source: Adt.ca

Mobile alarm monitoring enables you to keep a check on your security system via phone, manage alarm settings, and get in touch with the monitoring company. If you want to know more about home security systems, contact us now or email us here.

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