3 Common Features of Outdoor Security Cameras

Thinking about purchasing an outdoor security camera? If so, you will want to consider these 3 common features of outdoor security cameras, including: wired vs. wireless, color vs. black and white cameras and wide-angle lenses.

Below are 3 common features of outdoor security cameras:

Wired vs. Wireless
Wired and wireless home surveillance equipment both have advantages and disadvantages. The term “wireless” refers to the signal transmitted by the camera. Wireless cameras have more flexibility and are generally more discrete. Consumers have the freedom to install them wherever they are needed. However, interruptions from the wireless Internet can affect the signal. You might lose a few minutes, hours, or even days of recording time if the wireless network isn’t properly working.
Wired cameras can be harder to install and are often less discrete. The wires can be cumbersome and unattractive. However, wired cameras often offer users a clearer picture and more reliable service. Wired cameras are also good for new construction where the wires can be built into the walls. They can be installed as part of a complete home security system or structured wiring network. Source: eBay

Color vs Black and White Cameras
With both options available for outdoor home use, color security cameras are more expensive than black and white, but provide a higher degree of footage. A black and white image will capture light versus dark tones compared to precise color captured by a color camera. When it comes to identifying an intruder, things like the color of clothing, skin, eyes and hair can make all the difference. Source: SafeSoundFamily

Wide-Angle Lenses
Wide-angle lenses are an option that is very prominent in the security camera market since you may find that a normal lens camera does not capture enough of an area to be useful. Installing a wide angle lens camera will allow for larger areas of your property to be monitored in one single snapshot, generally this covers 104 degrees of movement and can record for up to 40-feet in distance. The arc of viewing with the wide-angle lens security camera is approximately 92 degrees. Wider lens cameras are generally not required for residences that wish to monitor the entrances and exits to the home; however, if the entrance to the home includes a large gated entrance, a wide-angle lens may be required to capture all activity. Wide-angle lenses are also not particularly useful in some retail locations, such as at the front entrance to a jewelry store, in this situation cameras are often utilized to identify faces and individuals in close range so it is not necessary to view an extended snapshot of the area. Wide-angle lenses can be useful when surveillance is being done on a larger portion of the property, such as an estate or a portion of farmland. Source: ASecureLife

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