3 Common Home Security Tips during Winter Months

It is important for homes to be protected from threats during winter months. Check out some common home security tips during winter months, such as: make your home look occupied, ensure home security equipment and consider outside lights.

Below are 3 common home security tips during winter months:

Make Your Home Look Occupied
A common anti-theft technique is to leave lights on and draw the curtains to make it look like someone is in during the evening. There are even light timers and TV simulators that can help keep up the illusion of occupation if you’re out for an extended period of time. Therefore it is important to consider that the longer nights will bring more opportunities for burglars to catch you out. With sunsets happening as early as 4pm in December, if you are not home from work or school for several hours there is a big window of possibility for thieves on the lookout for empty homes. Make sure your home looks as occupied as possible, maybe by being selective with which rooms you put on a light timer – perhaps an upstairs bedroom or back room instead of the front room because being out all day and leaving curtains closed can look equally suspicious. Even when you are in the house, remember to draw your curtains once it gets dark, as a brightly lit room enables potential thieves to see straight in to your home. Source: Lockrite.org

Ensure Home Security Equipment
Always ensure home security system equipment is in proper working order. Equipment can be vulnerable to malfunction during severe weather, such as ice or snow storms, so it should be checked frequently during the winter months to make sure it is working properly. This includes monitoring systems such as the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Because of furnaces, heating systems and fireplaces, it is very important to make sure all equipment is working during the winter. Also, keep a close eye on outdoor equipment, such as security lighting and motion detectors, because these items are incredibly susceptible to severe weather conditions. Source: PRWeb.com

Consider Outside Lights
Use your lights, and keep them on a timer. Make sure they are switched on early even if you leave them on while going shopping or on the school run. And remember; use the lights in a main room and not in the hallway so it looks like someone is home. Source: LutonToday.co.uk

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