Choosing a good smart lock can be confusing with variety of options to choose from. But before you make your choice, here are some of the common types of smart locks that you might want to consider.



Below are 3 common types of smart locks:

August Smart Lock

Available in Apple stores everywhere and thus arguably the most high-profile smart lock around, the stylish August Smart Lock can be a good solution if you want to use an existing deadbolt; adding the August Connect Wi-Fi adapter lets you share access easily and keep tabs on who comes and goes from wherever you are. It makes a lot of sense for renters or vacation-home owners, though we had a few quibbles: the battery compartment can slide off, and the auto-unlock feature was too unstable to be usable in urban environments, as it triggered a few times even when we were home. Another August add-on, the August Smart Keypad, which can be installed outside the house next to your door, allows for easier, smartphone-free access-sharing to guests. Once you figure in the expense though, some users might be better off simply buying a keypad-equipped deadbolt, such as our second-place pick, the Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt. Source: TheWireCutter

Lockitron Bolt

The Lockitron fits over the thumb-turn on the deadbolt of a door. With the help of a smartphone, the lock can be opened remotely through a Web app or text message. It’s also equipped with GPS, which allows it to detect if someone is close by. This means you can easily open the door without having to search for keys or put down items like shopping bags. Other features include the ability to sync with any type of smartphone, the ability to sense a knock and send information as an alert to someone’s phone, the ability to track and be alerted when the door is locked or unlocked and to be alerted when someone is home. Source:  TechTimes

Goji Smart Lock

The Goji Smart Lock, with its own on-lock welcome screen, is packed with features. The device works both via Bluetooth for smartphone and fob proximity unlocking and via Wi-Fi for remote control functionality. No worries if you somehow lock yourself out without your phone – Goji maintains a customer service call center for lockout requests. Each Goji comes with 4 electronic keys and 2 mechanical backup keys. Source: Techlicious

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