3 Risks of Using Fake Security Signs

Your home contains your most valuable belongings, from electronics and jewelry to vehicles and furniture.  Using fake security signs will put so much risk on your belongings – continue reading to learn more.

Image Source: Flickr
Image Source: Flickr

You Can Be Outsmarted
Smart Thieves Can Google: If a burglar has their eyes on your home, and they really want to know if you have a security system or not, it’s easy for them to find out. Nowadays, a burglar can whip out a smartphone, Google the security system name on your yard sign, and find out if it’s real or not. Source: Linkedin

One Layer of Deterrence
Criminals look for a sure thing. If they think that the risk is not worth the reward, they move on. For this reason, displaying security signs and window decals is a great first step in crime prevention. They are however, only one step in the many it takes in protecting your home. Source: ASGSecurity

Signs May Be Unconvincing
Fake security system signs may display brands that sound and/or look fake, or display no brand at all. If you’re actually going to go this route, make sure it’s looks the part. Source: SafeWise

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