3 Signs That Burglars Are Targeting Your Home

Is your home being watched? In this short post we’ll cover 3 clears signs that burglar are targeting your home. Read on!

Stranger Came to your Door Recently
Imagine this: A random woman comes up to your door and says, “Excuse me, but my phone died, and I need to make a quick to call to my friend to get directions to his house. Could I use your phone?”
Seems harmless. You let her inside. She makes the call and then she’s on her way. No problems.
While this could be nothing more than it seems, it also could be a subtle tactic used by burglars to case your home.
You see, many burglars work in teams. One role in the team is to be the investigator. Their job?  To see:

  • Where valuables are located
  • Where spare keys are located
  • Where the best entry points are
  • If you have a security system (many burglars will back off after learning that you have one) Source: Ackermansecurity

Strange Vehicle on the Street
An unknown vehicle parked outside your home could be a warning sign. Look for vehicles that do not belong to any of your neighbors or people visiting them, or a vehicle that seems to be lingering in the area for no apparent reason. The vehicle may be parked for an extended period of time, or it may return at random times. Either could be an indication that someone is trying to learn your routine and determine the best time to strike. You should also be wary of strange vehicles with heavily tinted windows or cars parked at angles so you can’t identify the occupants. Source: Safewise

An Unannounced Handyman at your Home
Most times, you’ll have an appointment set in advance when a cable repairman or someone from the utility company is stopping by to fix or service your equipment. So if a handyman, workman, or anyone else comes to your home unannounced, take warning.
WHAT TO DO: Don’t let this person into your house. Tell them it’s not a good time, and that you’ll call the company to schedule another time. If the person is there legitimately to provide service, they will understand and should be able to provide you with a number to call to set up an appointment. Don’t fall for the line, “this will only take a second….” Source: AlarmRelay

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