3 Tips to Give your Home a Security Makeover

Making home security upgrades doesn’t have to cost you tons of money or time, here are some tips that might help give your home a security makeover. Read on!

Every door that provides access to your home should have deadbolt locks. If your doors don’t, it’s time to install deadbolts. There are a few things to look for when buying deadbolts.
Make sure the screws are at least three inches long. Screws attach the lock’s strike plate to the doorjamb, and longer screws will reach into the doorframe as well. This will make the door more secure if someone tries to push through it.
Avoid double cylinder locks when possible. Such locks require a key to not only open the lock from the outside, but also from the inside. This can be a safety hazard if you need to exit your home during an emergency, as you’ll need a key.
What grade is your deadbolt? Choose one with a grade 1 rating from The American National Standards Institute. A grade 1 deadbolt has a bolt that is inserted into the doorframe at least one inch, and has been tested with 250,000 open and close cycles. A grade 1 lock can also withstand 10 blows from a hammer before giving way. Avoid buying cheap locks without ratings, as these are less likely to stand up to an entry attempt. Source: Alarmrelay

Door Guardian Reinforcing Latch
Far more effective than the old-fashioned chain latch, this device screws into your door frame above your doorknob and is easy to install yourself. It has a small hinged bar that keeps your door firmly shut and provides an extra point of resistance if someone tries to force it open. Slim and unobtrusive, the Door Guardian comes in several finishes, including brass. Source: Realsimple

If your home has hedges and bushes that are cloaking windows or other entry points, trim them down. High hedges and bushes provide the perfect concealment for burglars and can increase the odds of a break in. Tulane University suggests that ground plants should be no higher than three feet tall, but a good rule of thumb is to have them trimmed so doors and windows are visible to neighbors. Planting thorny plants, like holly or roses, around ground-level windows can help as well.
If you have tall trees that could provide access to second story windows, these should be trimmed as well to help prevent would-be intruders from scaling a tree and entering your home through a second story window. We also recommend placing some high gauge gravel around areas surrounding windows. If a burglar steps on this, it creates a lot of noise and acts as a further deterrent. Source:  Safewise

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