5 Different Types of Burglars

These 5 different types of burglars outlined below can help homeowners anticipate which threats are most likely to threaten your family and property. Read on!

Image Source: Flickr
Image Source: Flickr

The delinquent is motivated by poverty, boredom or peer pressure. They look for an easy mark to prove their worth or increase their status amongst their peers. They will generally avoid hard to reach places or affluent areas as they don’t have much skills as a burglar. When looking to steal they will aim for one “trophy” item they can show off to their peers.
Open doors, windows and back doors are this burglar’s dream. They wouldn’t break down a door or pick a lock but will easily climb into a house with an open window. These types are not very skilled and generally wouldn’t go though the trouble of concealing their identity or covering up evidence. They can be easily caught or turned away with the right measures.
Solution: To protect your home against the delinquent, check your doors and windows on your way out, make sure your valuables are out of sight and secure. In other words make your house seem like too much trouble. Take it a step further by investing in a low cost ip camera and monitor your home remotely, chances are you’ve seen this person around the neighbourhood. Source: Cammy

The opportunist is a common type of burglar who searches for targets that are quick and easy to hit. This type of thief does not set out in a premeditated manner. Instead, he or she will prey on the forgetfulness of homeowners, such as an unlocked door or an open window or garage door. Opportunist burglary generally results in not much being stolen – usually because the thief doesn’t know what he or she will find – and anything stolen is typically exchanged for cash. The best way to avoid the opportunist is to be mindful of your home. Double check those locks and windows! Source: Monitronics

A Smasher or “smash and grab” burglar is more desperate than an Opportunity Burglar. They are often into drug-use, and are only looking for cash or items that can easily be exchanged for cash. These A Smash burglary will sometimes be comical, because they will steal something that is not very valuable, and they will leave behind something that holds much more value. A Smasher will usually enter a home or business by breaking through a door or window. Source: SelfGrowth

This smarter type operates with more finesse, targeting structures where they know the valuable can be swiftly sold on the black market. Often, the prowler is a former hunter who developed savviness and efficiency along the way. Source: Blogher

The professional burglar is probably the scariest one – they are far more likely to be violent if disturbed or disrupted. Luckily for homeowners, they aren’t the type to target normal houses or properties. They are often part of a highly organised group who will target high profile places, such as banks or extremely wealthy estates. They know what they are looking for and they have all the equipment to successfully carry out the burglary. Source: ProfessionalSecurity

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